Will replacing my windows make a big mess?

Surprisingly the answer is NO! Most of the dust is on the outside and the crew will clean the inside so you won’t even know they were there. You can buy the same window  or door we sell at other stores. The installation can make all the difference in the long term. Make sure the company you hire to replace your windows, has their own skilled crews. An entry level installer can install new construction windows. All of our crews are led by a master technician with no less than 10 years of window replacement field experience.

Will my stucco be damaged?

Stucco repair is rarely needed. Our window crew specializes in replacement windows, thats all they do. They know all the tricks and techniques to replace your window with no damage to your existing stucco and drywall.

Will my house be left open over night?

When we take your old window out we always install the replacement window the same day. Your house will only be left open while the crew is working on that window. They can usually replace about 4 windows in one day.

What is an impact window?

Impact windows are made with a heavier, and wider, aluminum frame. Hurricane laminated glass stops flying missiles from penetrating through. All the windows we sell are tested in an independent lab and must pass the large and small missile testing.

Are impact windows as strong as hurricane shutters?

Absolutely! Hurricane shutters and impact windows have to undergo the SAME testing to meet the hurricane codes in Florida. Hurricane impact windows are the preferred choice over shutters.  You can have brand new windows that provide effortless protection with NO future maintenance.

Do I have to use an impact window in my condo?

The Florida Building Code considers all condos to be commercial properties. The code is very clear that when replacing windows or doors in a commercial property it must be brought up to the current code. If you have hurricane shutters that were installed after March 2001 you are not required to have impact glass.

The Florida Building Code also allows non-impact glass to be installed above 60 feet in a condo. Usually that means the 8th floor and above do not need impact rated glass. Many insurance companies require impact glass, despite your local codes. Call your insurance company to find out if they require small missile glass above 60′.