Floating Mirror? How can a mirror float?

Floating mirrors exercise elegance through installation. While the majority of vanity mirror are glued directly to the wall, resting against the backsplash, a floating mirror adds dimension and depth. Installation is easy and can be custom installed by request. Exude drama with a floating mirror that can extend 4-6″ off the wall. If you don’t want to go too far, we recommend a subtle effect of 1″. The mirror still looks great and gives the room, and vanity, depth.

floating mirror

Consider taking your floating mirror to the next level with lighting. That’s right, The Glass Shoppe A Division of Builders Glass of Bonita, Inc. offers strategic lighting to add a dramatic and elegant twist to your bathroom or bedroom. We offer several lighting opportunities both around and behind the mirror.

Floating mirror installations are one-of-a-kind. Only an experienced, trained professional should do the job, that way there are no mistakes or damage to your home. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Stay involved throughout the process so your floating mirror looks and is installed right the first time. The Glass Shoppe A Division of Builders Glass of Bonita, Inc. has installed over 15 mirrors in southwest Florida. To hone our craft, we have invested time and effort into developing optimal installation guidelines.

It all starts with the mirror and ends with the mounting box, a critical step in the process. Successfully adhering the floating mirror to the mounting box must be done perfectly. It’s important to not that traditional mirror mastic is not compatible for floating mirrors due to a 30-day cure time. When traditional mastic is used, glass can slide down the wall, causing damage and in some cases, breaking.

The Glass Shoppe A Division of Builders Glass of Bonita, Inc. prefabricates floating mirrors in our facility using fast cure adhesives and glazier tape. Once fabricated and assembled, the floating mirror stays in our shop until it is cured.

Floating mirror installed

What about the side of the mirror, will I be able to see the mounting box?

The Glass Shoppe A Division of Builders Glass of Bonita, Inc. carries several options to hide mounting boxes from view. It’s not as hard as it may seem. In fact, most of the time painting the box does the trick! The majority of our clients choose black but we can match our paint to the color of your wall for a seamless blend.

However, if you plan on having your mirror floating off the wall 4-6″, it’s much more difficult to hide the mounting box. Our team recommends adding mirror pieces to the sides to really make the box disappear.