How thick will the glass be in my shower enclosure?

Frameless shower enclosures are available with 3/8″ or 1/2″ glass.

How long will it take to get my frameless shower enclosure installed?

Lead times are about 3 weeks. All doors and fixed panels are cut to a custom size.

How can I keep my shower enclosure clean?

Ask us about showergaurd! Showergaurd is a baked on coating that will help protect your shower investment. Showerguard will protect from hard water stains. Another way to keep your new shower enclosure clean is to put a layer of rainex on your glass when it is brand new. Applying the rainex every 2-3 months will help prevent the hardwater from corroding your glass. Of course to ensure crystal clear glass a quick squigee is a good idea after every shower.

Why do I need a header for my frameless shower enclosure?

In some installations a header across the top of the glass is needed. To avoid a header the door must me hinged directly to the wall.

What if I don’t have room for a swing style door?

In small bathrooms a swing or hinged door just isn’t a good idea. A Frameless or framed sliding bypass door is the perfect answer.