Do the tracks and jambs need replaced when replacing my sliding glass doors?

Yes your tracks jambs and header will all need to be replaced. The new panels will not fit onto the old tracks. Different brands also have different tracks and jambs, they are not compatible.

How long will it take to replace my sliding glass doors?

Most typical installations take one day per set of doors. The crew will make sure to get your opening closed up and water tight before they leave for the night.

How long is the lead time for Sliding Glass Doors?

This really ranges. Currently we are able to order and receive sliding glass doors within 4-8 weeks. We sell many different brands of doors, all with different lead times. We are happy to suggest a door that will fit into your time line. Impact doors do take slightly longer than non-impact.

Less than 2 years ago after Hurricane Wilma we were experiencing lead times up to 10 months. Things can change quickly in this Southwest Florida market.

Will I need to replace stucco or drywall?

Stucco and drywall repair is rarely needed. At Builders Glass we find it is needed as little as once a year and we are changing out sliding glass doors on a daily basis.

Our crews take great care to keep your existing stucco and drywall intact. Their experience makes all the difference.