Are you tight on bathroom space, but still want a beautiful glass shower door that will change the way you see your bathroom? Barn Style Glass Shower Doors provide a beautiful look while being conservative of your real estate. In fact, we take it a step further from the traditional frameless by-passes by using new hardware that provides a truly transparent look! Pipeline_Arc

Barn Style Glass Shower Doors are not created equal!

There are numerous styles of barn shower doors to choose from on today’s market, but make no mistake — they are not the same in functionality, appearance, and stability! Different models can vary tremendously in quality. As the Barn Shower Door style grew in popularity, more manufacturers started producing various models, inundating the market with options.

The first Glass Barn Door was made by Fluerco. It now ranges from $1,300 to over $5,000 in price. But before you go and open your wallet for the sake of an original model, let’s talk quality.

The Glass Shoppe has done its research. In the process, we quickly discovered that knock-off brands feature inferior hardware customers would be wise to steer away from, even if they “look the same” in their photos.

When you do a close inspection of the product in person, you start to discover many disheartening imperfections. Small rollers prevent the doors from sliding the way you would desire, and the installations are more arduous and time consuming than they should be.

With many of their hardware pieces imported from China, you find these knock-off brands have a tendency to “not quite fit together.” Header bars sag. Doors won’t shut all the way or remain closed. Users often find water dribbles out from between the cracks in the door.

Barn Style shower door

At The Glass Shoppe, a division of Builders Glass of Bonita, Inc., we don’t bother with knock off brand products and second rate hardware. We only provide top rate, high quality products that we would buy ourselves. After extensive research comparing a host of different options, we chose to exclusively offer Barn Style Shower Doors from Peterson Industries and Alumax Shower Enclosures:

The Cascade by Peterson Industries

Peterson Industries’ The Cascade offers the style and allure you would desire out of a barn style shower door at an enticing price. Composed of solid, aesthetic rollers and ⅜” glass, its installation is as efficient as it is seamless. This product is available in both Brushed Nickel and Polished Chrome.

The Pipeline and Proline by Alumax

Alumax’s The Proline and Pipeline were some of the first Barn Style Shower Doors to become available. In fact, we’ve been carrying them for over 5 years, thanks to their constant quality and customer satisfaction. The Pipeline comes with a 1/2″ thick glass option, while both models are available in Oil rubbed Bronze as well as other color options.

Cascade Barn Door
Alum Glass Barn Shower Door

Alum Oil Rubbed Bronze Proline Barn Door