Glass Partitions: Bringing Glass Walls Home

I have always had an affinity for all glass rooms. There’s something so clean and simple about glass. It’s a modern style that brightens up a room and gives the illusion of space! It’s an elegant take on what could be a very dividing feature. If you have a small space that you would like to make bigger or perhaps an office that needs division without complete separation, glass is the answer for you!

glass partition

If your home comes with a room with a view, take advantage of the gorgeous scenery with a glass wall. Open up your space and brighten the room with an ethereal design that will become your favorite part of the house! Glass rooms are not just gorgeous, they’re an economically way to spread your space, bring in light, and all without having to sacrifice your view!

Think open, think airy!

Extend this design in the workplace as well! Glass partition and rooms is extremely beneficial in the office. Separate without isolation!

Everyone, regardless of job title, is important in a business. Give employees space, light, and a community space rather than defined division. Glass partitions are the perfect alternative for a small office that runs like a global entity! We can even customize your glass with your logo, name, inspirational phrase—whatever speaks to your business!

Bringing the Contemporary Look Home

Loft-style apartments are becoming more and more popular. What was thought to be confined to a big city has come down south to Florida. Styles change and what’s “In” in design is open spaces. That’s not to say that we have to sacrifice our room! Free-standing glass walls are the perfect way to divide a room without losing the open and airy feel of your home. It delineates the space to provide privacy without taking up as much room as traditional drywall dividers.

glass room divider partition

Take a look at the photo above and let your imagination run wild! Creative customization comes with glass partitions and room dividers. SmartGlass is a modern marvel that’s turning partitions into design pieces. These partitions are tailored to your needs. Switch from transparent to opaque, and eventually to frosted glass with the press of a button. Looking for a little more light? SmartGlass can also be illuminated with LED lights for a soft glow.

Do you prefer to drift off to sleep in tranquility? Choose a nature-inspired alternative! A water feature is an elegant twist on functional design. Fall asleep to the sound of a babbling brook.

Speaking of guests! You don’t have to sacrifice privacy.

One of the most common concerns we hear from clients with open spaces is that they’ll never have the same privacy that rooms give. We’re happy to say that that’s simply not the case. There are so many options of glass partitions and room dividers that can give you the space you need. In fact, one of the most popular designs are sound-proof glass walls.

Pair your glass options with different panels such as milky, smoky, black or colored glass. Create a custom design to go with your personal style!

As with any large glass installation, Ultra Clear glass is the best choice to achieve total transparency. The green-hue in standard glass is more evident in over-sized pieces while Ultra Clear glass is crisp and beautiful.