Mirror Walls

antique mirror tiles wall feature mirror walls

Mirror Walls are the functional design feature that your home has been missing. Imagine a modern look and feel to reinvent your space. Picture your living room with an accent Mirror Wall to widen the space. The options are endless!

Our team works directly with you or your designer to incorporate custom looks for your modern home design.

Reasons to Install Mirror Walls 

Mirror naturally enlarge a room and give the illusion of a wider, brighter space. It’s also a great installation for homes with an already gorgeous view. Bring the afternoon sky or the beach right into your home with a reflective look of southwest Florida.

Mirrors are a well-known design secret to interior decorators and designers all over the world. Their versatility and creative installation make them a great addition to every home. The Glass Shoppe is southwest Florida’s #1 choice for mirrors for a reason. Our stunning showroom paired with in-house manufacturing and artisans makes The Glass Shoppe the clear choice for your home or business.

In Style: Antique Mirror Walls

Using mirrors in interior design is nothing new. However, designers are changing the way they’re being incorporated into a space. The obvious choice has always been large panels of mirror to bring a room together but why stop there! We are experimenting with mirror styles and design to give your home the look it deserves. Choose from Antique Mirror to give your space warmth.

Our Antique Mirrors are all made in-house from our glass artisans. Visit our showroom to fully experience all of the gorgeous options we can provide. From home use to professional spaces, mirrors are the clear choice for every design.

Have a flair for drama? Use varying patterns of antique patinas to give the room more depth and that Hollywood feel.

antique mirror with rosettes


Antique Mirror is a stunning option for southwest Florida! Explore our extensive choice for antique mirrors here.

Why Mirror Walls?

antique mirror wall tiles

Make way for more space! You may be surprised to discover that unyielding mirrors are actually very versatile in the right hands! Mirrors can be easily cut to, pardon the pun, mirror the space in question. Our in-house artisans are skilled at working with mirrors to create an astounding end result. No job is too difficult for us! Even the highest wall, largest space, and intricately designed walls can be fit with mirrored. We love a good challenge!

We provide mirrors in all shapes and sizes. Our team will suggest the best way to install a mirror wall depending on the space you have available. For example, a full mirror wall should be installed in three sections with the middle section being the largest piece to this reflective puzzle.

“Isn’t that noticeable?”

Not with The Glass Shoppe! We minimize seams to create a seamless look that can be replicated in every room in the house. However, in some cases, mirror seams can be an element of design! For an antique look, a tile can accentuate your mirrored wall!

Easy on the Eyes!

Electrical outlets don’t need to be eyesores. Cover up abrasive white outlets with mirror cover plates made from real glass! Visit our showroom to see our extensive selection that practically makes electrical outlets disappear! With our real glass mirrored cover plates, your mirror wall options really open up! You can even mount lights or pictures!

If you dream it, we can do it!

Need Inspiration? Check out these Mirror Wall ideas!

  • Square and rectangle pieces are perfect for modern styles
  • Increase the wow-factor by adding sconces to mirror panels
  • Drive up the drama with Beveled mirror squares
  • Drive the eye to the corner with Rosettes
  • Be bold with Grey or bronze mirrors
  • Stay Consistent with Real Mirror Cover plates