Looking to add a clean, luxurious image to your bathroom? Frameless Shower Doors are the perfect touch. Our custom made glass shower doors use premium hardware and an expert’s touch to bring elegance to your home.

You’ll love our long-lasting, quality glass products. Here at The Glass Shoppe A Division of Builders Glass of Bonita, Inc., we take our time educating you on the array of options you can choose from, and how they can suit your needs.

Most of our glass works are either ⅜” or ½” thick, but we do offer custom options as well, including Ultra Clear Glass. What is that, exactly? Well, we’re glad you asked! Ultra Clear Glass is a low-iron glass that we utilize for a clearer presentation. It’s become a must-have for our Naples and Bonita Springs clients!

Setting trends and remaining on the cutting edge of the glass industry both a pride and a joy for us. Currently, we are embracing the ever-popular “frameless” look that installs fixed panels using clips instead of the semi-frameless u-channel. The frameless design leaves a crisp, clean, minimalist look that our customers crave.

Another popular option is our heavy ½″ Ultra Clear Glass. Unlike standard glass, there is no green hue associated with the final product. Instead, we’ve created a truly clear glass option that is practically invisible, resulting in a pristine, colorless finish.

Take a look below at some of the Frameless Shower Doors that The Glass Shoppe A Division of Builders Glass of Bonita, Inc. has completed for its clients.

ultra clear glass steam shower to ceiling 1/2" glass pivot hinges

Above is an example of one of our client projects featuring ½” Ultra Clear Glass, which we installed to the ceiling for a frameless, spa look. Using mount pivot hinges on both the top and the bottom of the 8ft tall door allowed us to ensure stability without distracting from the glass’ clear finish. These hinges place 90% of the door’s weight on the bottom rather than the supporting wall, like wall mount hinges do.

glass to glass hinge shower door ultra clear low iron glass

This photo illustrates another way Frameless Shower Doors can create a unique, aesthetic enclosure. This custom shower door was designed for a client to appear barely there, allowing the designer panels behind it to really pop.

Here at the The Glass Shoppe A Division of Builders Glass of Bonita, Inc., our glass designers custom cut and design each product for a high quality, original Frameless Glass Shower Door. It’s all about innovation with our designs. We aim to break the standard mold and boldly trying new things without ever compromising your safety.

One of the other ways we “break the mold” of traditional glass shops is through our creative selection of shower heads, including a “headerless” design that utilizes a glass mounted pivot hinge. Look closely and you’ll notice that The Glass Shoppe A Division of Builders Glass of Bonita, Inc. used hardware and glass to secure the left heavy ½” tempered glass panel to the wall, and solidified the structural integrity with heavy duty structural clips fit to handle the burden. We also added a small u-channel at the bottom to add support without creating a visual distraction.

The result is 100% safe and free of additional clips that can detract from the overall finish. It’s all about creating perfect functionality and long-lasting support without tarnishing the beauty of your new shower door.

Now that we’ve covered the structural side of this design, let’s delve into the little details that create this glamorous result. There are four aspects we want to point out:

  • Ultra Clear Glass: Ultra Clear Glass has become less of an option and more of a necessity in our eyes. After all, with such a pristine visual option available, why would you ever want to use anything less? This tintless ½” glass allows for your bathroom’s true colors to shine. It’s the only way to truly grasp your room’s rich vivacity!
  • The Neo-Angle: We optimize on the Neo-Angle, or corner shower, design that makes prime use of the space available. In the above example, we take this design a step further by utilizing a custom mitered edge on the shower’s fixed panel. One that lines the door up flawlessly with the corner, leaving barely ⅛” of space in between. The Glass Shoppe A Division of Builders Glass of Bonita, Inc. employs some of the best master glaziers in the industry, using their expertise and experience to create breathtaking results just like this one.
  • Custom Handle: We applied a custom designed shower handle that complements our Ultra Clear Glass door, tiles, and fixtures without stealing the focal point. It’s subtle, sophisticated, and blends naturally into the overall design just as we aimed for it to do.
  • Contemporary Clip and Hinge Hardware: Using square-edged hinges and clips instead of the round standard allows us to achieve a contemporary appearance that aligns well with the glass.

satin brass hardware shower ultra clear glass frameless white tile

We’re bringing brass back with this beautiful custom shower design with frameless glass doors! Using only clips to hold the glass panels in place, this shower features sharp 90 degree corners and a 45 mitered edge work that avoids the traditional “butt joints” that would distract from our Ultra Clear Glass.

Learn more about our amazing frameless shower door options and how we bring them to life through some of our recent blogs:

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The Glass Shoppe A Division of Builders Glass of Bonita, Inc. goes in-depth on the numerous Frameless Shower Door options as well as enclosures so you can compare and contrast when shopping for you next shower design!

What is a true Frameless Shower?

It’s a questions we hear quite often. We explain the big difference between clips and u-channels in this informative blog post!

frameless shower with header at top The first thing you may noticed about this brushed nickel installment is the header at the top. This is, in fact, a semi-frameless design. It’s a great example of how we can still bring innovation to installments that cannot fully embrace the frameless design. We use the top header in this project to support the door since it isn’t hinged to the wall, then we utilize u-channel to put in the fixed panels.

Frameless 1/2" shower with glass to glass hinges

This custom headerless glass shower installation is an example of what we can do with standard glass. You’ll notice we still apply our minimalist approach using heavy duty structural clips to secure the fixed panel where the door is hinged. Pictured is 1/2″ heavy glass, which was used to create structural strength.
In addition, we used square handles and towel bars to add functionality without clashing or distracting from this shower’s beautiful marble backdrop. While this shower is still a lovely design, you can distinctly see how the green tint of standard glass can take away from the shower’s overall effect. In fact, this 2 year old design was later replaced with Ultra Clear glass by the customer, who took our advice and sought the nearly invisible design that would bring out every detail of their fabulous marble walls and flooring.


Do you love frameless shower doors, but yearn for functionality? No problem! We can add towel and robe hooks that won’t distract from your overall design. Simply let us know where you prefer them to be applied and we’ll pick the right design to complement your aesthetics while delivering the functionality you desire. Have a custom handle as part of your design? We’ll coordinate hooks to match, creating a seamless, luxurious impression that will last for years to come. In fact, you can browse our full selection of options at Portals Luxury Hardware.

Portals Coda single robe hook

Portals Coda Double robe hook

Portals shower hardware Aria Double Robe Hook for glass shower

Portals Aria Double Robe Hook

Portals Rondo double hook

Portals Counterpoint Portals for shower glass Double Towel or Robe Hook

Portals Counterpoint Double Towel or Robe Hook

Want all the efficiency of a towel rack without adding more components to your shower? We have shower rack and door handle combos that will have your jaw reaching the floor! Take a peek at our blog on Shower Door Pull and Bar combo ideas to see what we mean.
L.10.117.625 24in x 6in-228x228

Shower Door Pull and Towel Bar Options

The Glass Shoppe A Division of Builders Glass of Bonita, Inc. is all about delivering what our clients truly want. We work closely with you on a daily basis as we remodel your bathroom. We’ve noticed a trend of many clients removing their tub and choosing to have just a shower because of its glass aesthetics. However, if you like your bathtub, but still want to achieve a beautiful glass finish, ask us about our glass tub enclosures!

shower door frameless splashguard for tub