At The Glass Shoppe A Division of Builders Glass of Bonita, Inc. we always cut and polish glass shelves for you in-house! We can customize our glass to your specifications. We have full time in-house staff ready to cut and polish glass to your specifications.

The Glass Shoppe A Division of Builders Glass of Bonita, Inc. has the largest stock and best pricing because we order our glass in large quantities. This reduces the price of shipping and eliminates the “Sorry, we don’t have that in stock” speech. We always have 1/4″ and 3/8″ glass clear, bronze and grey glass in stock. We are pleased to announce that we also carry ultra clear and star fire glass for the clearest edge possible.
glass corner shelf glass shelves

Our team handles installation too so you don’t have to worry about complicated pieces and pinpoint precision. The Glass Shoppe A Division of Builders Glass of Bonita, Inc. carries a wide variety of shelf supports, brackets and u-channel in stock for mishaps, mistakes, or if you’d like to install the shelves yourself!

One of the most popular options for glass shelves is corner glass shelves for showers. If you’re concerned about safety, don’t worry! All of our glass shelves are pre-made and tempered for optimal safety. Showers can be slippery spaces of misfortune. Glass isn’t often associated with showers but the truth is 8″, 10″ and 12″ corner shelves are as safe as your current shelves. All corner shelves come with the option between half round or straight-edge.

How do I install a shelf in my shower if I have to drill in the tile?

Installing glass in showers is an intricate process. We recommend that you leave installation to us! Drilling into tile requires special drill bits that our experienced team has access too. Our crew is experienced in all things drilling and precision. They take care in completing jobs to perfection. After all, perfection is needed to successfully install shower shelves! There is no room for mistakes.

Make sure to check out our Chiseled Edge Glass page to see our unique options for glass shelves!