Crackle Glass Table Top

cracked glass table top crackle glass

Crackle Glass Always looks clean!

If it’s one thing that I find slightly irritating, fingerprints on or under my nice clean glass top is it. It’s not the end of the world, but with kids, cleaning clear surfaces is a never-ending process. NEVER ENDING. And then there’s the occasional unavoidable scratch that mysteriously happens. The main dining table gets the brunt of memories being made and the everyday wear and tear of frequent use. But we have found that there is a table top that not only withstands the daily use but also hides the evidence.  Introducing Crackle Glass or Cracked glass.

How is it made?

Cracked Glass Table Tops are made out of three pieces of glass. Two pieces of glass with laminates sandwich a piece of cracked tempered glass. Just the middle piece is shattered, giving it a very cool effect. The inside piece of glass is shattered with a special gun. Think a punch gun type of gun. It’s also a very cool effect! The laminated make it stronger than regular glass, and because of the crackles through the glass, hides scratches and fingerprints! The only real cleanup necessary is whatever falls on the surface with the swipe of a paper towel.

crackle glass counter top

Crackle glass counter

What about Ultra- Clear Crackle Glass?

While the pictures above are of standard clear glass used to make crackle glass, it can be custom made with Ultra Clear. But we will say that Crackle glass has an interesting effect where it looks more clear than one solid piece of glass.  The stock table tops in the standard clear come at a great price. We can’t lie, we do love a piece of ultra clear crackle.

We can get Cracked Glass Tops in both rectangular and round shapes to fit any table. Custom sizes can also be used to create a gorgeous glass countertop that you won’t have to worry about seeing every fingerprint. Come into our showroom to see it for yourself!