Shower Guard Glass is one of my favorite advances in the glass industry in recent years. You may not even know what Shower Guard Glass is. To sum it up in a nutshell: Shower Guard is glass that provides permanent protection against corrosion, grime and staining. There are many products similar to it, but this is one of a kind. Unlike other types of glass protectant products, the protective part is part of the glass. It isn’t applied in a spray or wax. It doesn’t break down over time or need to be re-applied. And it has a lifetime warranty! Not many products have a lifetime warranty.

It generally does add on about 15-20% more on the price of your frameless shower doors or glass enclosure. Most people are ok with the price. However, there are some people that do enjoy cleaning their house and take pride in tirelessly scrubbing their glass to a almost clean shine. Personally-I don’t.

How It Works:

Maybe you have heard of Rain-x before? You apply it on the windshield of your car so the water beads off. It’s like that. Imagine having permanent on your shower glass. Scientifically there is a Ion-beam technology used to place an invisible protective coating that fuses to the surface of the glass. Therefore making a smooth surface that is resilient to dirt, soap scum, and hard water that builds up over time. You can say goodbye to all those hours of scrubbing. Everything will just wipe right off.


♦ No build up of hard water stains

♦ Far less cleaning time

♦ Less water in shower stall

♦ Less humidity in bathroom after shower

♦ Saves money on cleaning products

♦ Stays clear longer after cleaning

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