frameless shower door with towel bar/pull comboDid you know you can have shower door with a towel bar? A Shower Door Towel Bar, it just makes sense.  Do you find yourself hanging your towel over the shower glass? We have a brilliant way to maximize your limited wall space and enhance your new shower door.  What if you had a shower door towel bar  right in your shower door?

The options for adding a towel bar to your all glass shower enclosure are endless. The towel bar/pull combo is one of the most popular choices. We like the sleek yet functional look it adds to the shower door. The shower door shown features one of the more contemporary square designs. There are plenty of styles, from traditional to sleek and simple.

We have had many clients get so excited about this towel bar/pull option, they decide they want to skip the pull all together. We offer the back to back towel bar as the answer. There is no need for a pull, the towel bar serves as your pull.

The sizes of your towel bar will vary depending on how large your door is. It’s important to remember the door needs to open fully, and the towel bar must clear. We find 18″ towel bars are the most commonly ordered. Most shower doors will accommodate an 18″ towel bar with no problem. If you have a larger door, you will likely opt for the larger 22 or 24″ towel bar.

We are proud to carry Portals Luxury Shower Hardware for those looking for the ultimate style and feel. Portals is the go to choice for designers looking for finest quality of hardware.  CRL provides a durable, long lasting, hardware option with a price point for everyone. While CRL has more options than Portals, we find clients looking for the finest quality shower hardware will always find a Portals design that they fall in love with.

When it’s time to upgrade your shower door, consider a towel bar option. We think you will be glad you did!