How to cut Antique Mirror Subway Tiles is demonstrated for you in this video. We ship cut to size antique mirror subway tiles all over the country! We bet you are wondering how to cut the tiles when they arrive. We cut the antique mirror subway tiles to standard sizes of  4″x 8″ and 5″ x 12″, and also many various  custom sizes. But what about working around outlets, or the end of the wall? If you will be installing the tiles yourself, you will inevitably need to make some cuts. In this video I will show you how to cut antique mirror tiles, like the pros do, the good ole’ fashion way. With a glass cutting tool. And I should clarify that I wouldn’t call myself a pro. If I can do it, you can do it!

A quality glass cutter can make a big difference.  If you are planning to cut more the a few pieces, it might be worthwhile to purchase a professional glass cutter. For pricing on our professional quality glass cutters, visit our antique mirror page. 

Cutting glass or mirror is definitely something you can do yourself.  If  cutting glass mirror tiles doesn’t sound like something you want to tackle, we don’t blame you. You have options! Tile installers can cut the tiles or you can take them to a local glass shop to be cut.

Despite being in the glass industry for 15 years, It wasn’t until a couple years ago that I picked up my first glass cutter. I was surprised how simple it really was. I like things to be REALLY simple though. So I sought out an even simpler way to cut the tiles. I found a snap and score tile cutter worked like a charm. I found one at Home Depot, the  Rubi 21″ tile cutter.  For under $45.00, this is a great  way to cut antique mirror subway tiles yourself. I made sure to pick the one that listed glass tiles in the types of tile it can cut.

If you decide to give a glass cutter a try, I’ll show you how easy it is! I would recommend practicing on regular mirror or glass first.  Get the hang of it before you start on that precious antique mirror! 1/8″ glass is the easiest to cut and also a good place to start. The majority of our antique mirror subway tiles are 1/8″ thick to make the cutting easy.

Supplies you will need-

  • glass cutter
  • oil for glass cutter- we use 3 in 1 oil, but you can use whatever you have on hand
  • tape measure
  • sharpie
  • foam sanding block, or if you’re tool fancy a power sander
  • speed square- come in handy but not a must have