Sand Dollar Award Winning Antique Mirror Wall!  This is our original design of a contemporary Antique Mirror Feature Wall.

antique mirror squares beveled tiles

Antique Mirror Feature, 10' x 10' square tiles

Antique Mirror Feature Wall- 10′ x 10′ square tiles floating and backlit

This dramatic Antique Mirror Wall Feature was custom designed and crafted by hand from start to finish. The result is a contemporary, yet classic, work of art. The hydrangea pattern was custom made with extra bright blue, pink and purple patinas. The Antique Mirror Wall was then cut into 25 square tiles, precisely cut to 23″ each, and finally custom beveled . The floating aspect of the wall was achieved by building a  deep wood box frame. The mirrors were mounted to the frame piece by piece, on site, due to the massive size. The ‘Tufted’ design was enhanced using Vintage, silver leafed framing fillet and mirror rosettes between each beveled mirror.

The Custom design perfectly complements the transitional design of the home. The Colors in the mirror organically flow with the dark wood floors, white walls, and pops of color in the design.

Engineering a mirror of this size was no easy task. The antique mirror wall measures nearly 10 foot tall by 10 feet wide. If the client ever moves, the mirror was designed to be removable and move with them.

antique mirror wall installing tiles

That’s Zach, on an 8′ ladder. Zach is 6’5. This was one large mirror!


Just look at this beautiful home! The finished look with a stunning light fixture and complementary art. I can’t imagine anything else on that wall. The stars aligned and design perfection happened.

And Finally, the lighting. The lighting is a’ take your breath away’ effect. The backlighting at night makes these mirrors appear to be floating off the wall.  Seriously, it took my breath away. I gasped and don’t remember what happened next. I saw stars.  This beautiful light fixture was the absolute perfect compliment to the room and the mirrors.


See how the beveled edge and the rosettes create interesting dimension? Mirror is far from upholstery, but we like to use the word ‘Tufted’ to describe this beautiful effect.


Custom mirror rosettes

Mirror Rosettes with pearl

It’s all in the details. The finishing touch on the perfect outfit is the jewelry. Mirror
Rosettes are jewelry for your mirror. Standard Rosettes were not an option here.  Custom Mirror Rosettes were handcrafted. After trying out more options than we care to mention, we found the perfect fit. Multiple actually. Each mirror rosette is unique. A little happy surprise for those who look closely.

mirror rosette antique mirror