Frameless Shower Clips Vs. U Channel

The Glass Shoppe A Division of Builders Glass of Bonita, Inc. sells many frameless showers and many customers ask about Frameless Shower Clips Vs. U Channel. This post will educate the consumer about the Pros and Cons. Frameless Shower Doors have definitely become the most desired type of shower installation in the 15 years. If you are looking to install a stationary panel along with a door, you will need some way to support this stationary panel. (Unless you inset your panel into the tile, which is very rare.) Recently, shower door clips have become more desired than U Channel. One may ask, “What is the difference?” Here are 2 pictures of a very similar shower. One image has U Channel and the other clips.

Frameless Shower Clips Vs. U Channel

Frameless Shower Clips Vs. U Channel

Frameless Shower Enclosure with Clips


PRO ♦ Widely considered among most consumers as the nicer look.

PRO ♦ Hardware is nicer and is anodized brass

CON ♦ Generally more expensive because of the hardware, but also because holes are required to be cut in the glass thus raising the price of the glass.

CON ♦ Generally more time consuming for the installers.

Check out this link to see different hardware finishes of our most commonly used clamp.

U Channel

PRO ♦ More cost effective. Depending on the application costs can sometimes be as

Frameless Shower Clips Vs. U Channel

Frameless Shower Enclosure with U Channel

much as $150.00 less.

PRO ♦ In most applications shower is quicker to install.

CON ♦ Considered by most consumers to be a type of frame and thus less appealing because a more frameless look is desired.

CON ♦ U Channel is anodized aluminum. Not a bad product, just not as nice a brass.

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