Are you in the market for a new shower enclosure and would like to know the different types of shower doors available? The Glass Shoppe A Division of Builders Glass of Bonita, Inc. of Bonita Springs can help. Believe it not there are all kinds of shower doors. There are sliding, hinged, framed, frameless, clear glass, pattern glass, and so on. So where do you start? And how do you know which kind to pick? In this post we will attempt to break it down for you. Into two different types of shower doors and then explain the different style for each type.


Shower doors break into one of two categories; sliding and hinged. I probably don’t need to do much explaining about these two differences. Everyone has entered a shower enclosure that slides on a track and one that opens on a hinge. One is not nicer than the other or more expensive or more practical. It all depends on the application. They are just like we said, two different types of shower doors.


This is where price, practicality, and looks come into play. There are three common styles associated showers doors; framed, semi-frameless, and frameless. They fall in that same order for pricing. Framed are usually more cost effective and frameless usually come with a higher price. Most people feel the frameless shower doors look a lot nicer and I would have to agree. Above is a picture of a framed shower next to a frameless shower.

Framed shower doors are usually made of 3/16″ glass and are wrapped in an anodized aluminum exterior to protect the edges of the glass. Semi-frameless shower enclosures usually offer a little of both worlds. Usually they consist of 3/16″ -1/4″ glass with no metal around the edges of the door and more metal on the sides and top to stabilize the enclosure and make it strong. Frameless shower enclosures usually have little to no frame consisting only of hinges on the door and clamps on any panels.

We hope this was helpful and if you are in the area and would like a free consultation please give us a contact us. Thank you.