If you are in the market for a new kitchen, consider adding decorative cabinet glass inserts to a few of your doors. Adding glass can open up the kitchen and add a modern look. The frosted, or satin etched glass, used in this kitchen gives it the contemporary feel and helps pull together the glass tile backsplash.
Decorative modern cabinet glass

Most of our clients choose to do at least 2 doors in glass. We are currently working with a client that is adding glass to 16 cabinet doors! They selected a rain pattern, and the doors look amazing! You might be familiar with the rain pattern that is used for shower doors. The rain glass used for cabinet doors is considered a ‘decorative’ glass and the pattern is more intricate, with finer lines and more interest.  Here is a peak at one of the doors before it was installed.

cabinet  glass and metal wire grid grille door

The metal or wire grilles are sold by the sheet only. Call for pricing!


I recently made a visit to the clients home to see the final project. The glass looks stunning! As I mentioned, this client used glass in 16 doors. The modern design of the home is very well thought out. A sleek, modern look, is gaining in popularity over the last few years. In this home the client thoughtfully combined traditional styling with contemporary elements. Combining both traditional and contemporary design is the perfect option for a long lasting look. I think an ultra modern kitchen, for example, is dramatic and eye catching. Would I want to live in it everyday? I have a feeling I would tire quickly of it.
Decorative cabinet glass


A simple way to update your home and add a contemporary feel is through glass. Glass can be both classic and contemporary at the same time. Glass Inserts can be added to your doors for a quick update.

Are you worried about privacy with glass? Are you concerned that your cabinet contents shouldn’t be the focal point of your kitchen? Me too. In my ‘research’ of cabinet glass,  I tested a few out in my own home. Tested out three obscurity levels of glass. They were all beautiful, but my cabinet clutter wasn’t.  I ultimately went with a satin etched(see first picture), or you might know it as  plain ole frosted.  Many clients choose clear glass, and it is the most cost effective option for cabinet glass inserts. If privacy is a concern, it doesn’t need to be! We have glass that provide various levels of obscurity. Glass for your cabinet doors is likely something you will want to see in person, hold up to the light and see for yourself how obscure it is. You can even bring a cabinet door into our showroom and try out different types of decorative cabinet glass such as antique, sere my, bamboo, satin etched. One of the most popular choices for cabinet glass is called seedy. Seedy, or seeded glass, will not provide much obscurity. With seeded glass you will still be able to see items that are in your cabinets. If you have a collection of glassware or crystal, seeded is a good option to allow visibility while still adding that decorative element.

As an alternative to seeded glass we now have a pattern called dense seedy. It is one of my favorite types of decorative glass because of the classic seeded pattern. It is called ‘dense’ seedy because it has a much more dense pattern, making it much more obscured. Dense seedy also has more of a frosted look to it which also makes it more obscure. The frosted pattern is randomly swirled throughout the glass, creating a very unique look. Each piece of dense seedy is slightly different.

If you are considering glass for your cabinet doors, please visit our Glass Design Center located in Bonita Springs. Decorative Cabinet Glass has become so popular that we now stock over 15 patterns. Our stock glass always includes satin etched, rain, seedy or seeded, seremy, crinkle, antique, and bamboo.  All glass is cut in house, at our glass fabricating facility. Cutting the glass in house allows us to provide the quickest turn around time possible for our clients.