We believe there is only one choice for custom framed mirrrors- Roma Moulding. As a Design focused Glass and Mirror Company, offering custom frames was a must.  The decision to partner with Roma Mouldings was  an easy one. Roma’s frames are not only of the finest quality, but the selection is simply the best. The hardest part is selecting which one to pick! We have many Roma Framed Mirrors  on display in our Glass Design Center, and narrowing down the selection to  our favorites often takes us weeks. We love them all. And so will you.

Design Tips-

  1. Don’t be afraid of a wider frame, even if the mirror is smaller. Trust us, it works. It looks strong,  bold and confident.
  2. Don’t match it- Consider contrasting your dark cabinetry for example, with a white or pewter framed vanity mirror. To get the custom look, the he idea is not to match them.
  3. Bevel it-Framed mirrors always look good with a beveled mirror. while we can cut and polish regular mirror in hose, we order.
  4. Stack it- stacking two frames together always looks amazing. You can add interest picking two contrasting colors.  the stacked frame also adds depth.
  5. Frame that tv- Add a frame to your tv and turn it into a work of art.
    Frame for tv