If you are looking for framed mirrors for for bathroom vanity, you have come to the right place! No longer do you have to stare at that naked vanity mirror. If you are looking for a simple update that will transform your bathroom, consider adding a custom frame to it. Our frames are designed specifically for bathroom vanity mirrors. They can be applied two ways.

  • Add a frame to your existing mirror– if you have a mirror already, but are looking to dress it up and give it that finished look, we can add a frame! Our frames have a flat back and can be applied directly to your vanity mirror. If you happen to have unsightly clips, we have you covered. Our frames will hide those outdated looking clips
  • New mirror with a frame– if you are remodeling or would like a new larger mirror, we can frame that too. When we are installing new mirrors with our frames, we will cut the mirror to fit inside the frame. The frame will be applied directly to the wall and the new mirror will sit snugly inside of it.

To learn more about our frames for vanity mirrors, click  HERE.

We have so many frame options for mirrors it can be an overwhelming selection process for you. Here are our most popular frame choices.We love the transformation a mirrormate frame makes in a bathroom. We also love that the installation process is fairly simple. You might be wondering if mirrormate frames are a do it yourself project or do you need a professional installation?

When our first frame order came, I was so excited I had to assemble them. I also wanted to know just how easy they are to assemble. The mirror mate website promotes them as a ‘diy” project, but I really didn’t believe it.

I opened the box and was very impressed with the quality. The corners are all pre-mitered and they do a great job with the cuts. They all fit together perfectly.

Against my instincts, I decided to glance over the instructions. My summary was I needed to add glue to each edge before I put the corners together, then use the little plastic connectors to join them. I believe it said not to use a hammer, so I used a hammer.

The plastic corners fit nicely and with a gentle tap of the hammer the two corner pieces went right in. I finished the glue and all four corners in about 10 minutes. I couldn’t believe how easy they went together. The second one went even faster, about 4 minutes.

I think this part of the project is the easy part. I think most reasonably handy people could put the frames together. It is the other steps in the project that are not quite so easy.  Step 1, measuring, and the final step applying to the mirror are a little bit trickier and best left to the professionals. We are here to help! Please visit our showroom to see all the choices in frames.

If you are looking for a framed mirror to hang on the wall, we can also help you there. Our Inventory of framed mirrors is always changing. Please visit our showroom to find that unique, one of a kind, framed mirror to add to your home or office. In addition to framed mirrors, we can also make a custom frame to any size you need. You can customize your frame with antique mirror, beveled mirror, or even grey or bronze smoked mirror. We have hundreds of frame options available. We are sure you will find just what you are looking for. Ask us how we can add a custom frame to your existing vanity mirror!IMG_2901 IMG_2908 IMG_4611

Our inventory of framed mirrors is always changing. Please visit our showroom to find the perfect framed mirror to go with your home. In addition to our framed mirrors we have in stock, we can also make a custom framed mirror to any size you need. We have hundreds of frame options available. Customize your framed mirror with antique, beveled or  smoked mirror.