antique mirror subway tiles

IMG_0906Here at The Glass Shoppe, we LOVE Antique Mirror, and madly in love with antique mirror tiles.  We are always looking for unique ways to use mirror, and the subway tile was our best idea yet.

As a stocking distributor for Omega National Products, we can offer the quickest turn around and best pricing you will find for antique mirror. We searched high and low for antique mirror of a quality we were proud to carry. Omega antique mirror is the choice of the most discriminating designer. It is all handmade which provides the authentic quality you are in search of.

Antique or aged mirror has been in high demand recently. You have probably noticed it popping up in high end hotels, restaurants, and in furniture stores recently. With the growing popularity, we wanted to have it available to our clients as quick as possible. We searched high and low for all the options available. We now keep over 10 options in stock at all times! By having the mirror in stock we are able to offer the best possible prices to you.

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Where to use antique mirror in your home-

  • Kitchen backsplash– customize your kitchen backsplash with antique mirror. We can install in a solid piece, mirror tiles, or even antique mirror squares.
  • Mirror wall- consider antique mirror for the ‘new’ mirror wall design. We love to get creative with a wall of mirror. Antique mirror really shines when it is installed in an eye catching way. Consider dividing the wall up in 9 sections of  mirror or adding a bevel to the antique mirror.
  • Furniture- adding pieces of antique mirror to a piece of furniture can transform a piece! If you have an outdated piece of furniture, this could be the answer.
  • Cabinets- it can be added to cabinet door fronts or inserts in glass doors
  • Frames- Do you have a frame that could use an update? Consider adding antique mirror to any size or shape frame. Simply bring the frame to our shop and all you have to do is select which antique mirror you would like. We take care of the rest! We can custom cut to any size or shape. We will even install the antique mirror in the frame for you!
  • antique mirror

This backsplash was installed in a truly unique fashion. To add interest, the tiles were cut in various sizes. mixing up the subway tile look a little bit.  As you can see in the photo, not just one antique mirror pattern was used. For this backsplash we used 8 different patterns. The client selected the patterns and specified which were her favorite. The favorite antique patterns were used the most, with splashes of different patterns mixed in. To further the antique look, a dark grout was used in between the tiles. The dark grout and the thin grout lines make this backsplash very easy to keep clean.  You can find out more about how this backsplash was installed here.

antique mirror