antique mirror subway tiles

At The Glass Shoppe A Division of Builders Glass of Bonita, Inc., we love antique mirrors. Antique mirror tiles have given us the opportunity to take our love and turn it into something accessible and versatile! We maintain that subway tile has been our best idea yet!IMG_0906

As a stocking distributor for Omega National Products, we offer the fastest turn around times and competitive pricing for antique mirrors and tiles. We searched high and low for quality antique mirrors that we envisioned. We found the product we’ve been looking for with Omega National Products. With every product handmade, Omega National showcases excellence and provides authentic quality.

Lately, antique or aged mirror has been in high demand. You’ve probably seen these gorgeous tiles gracing the homes of your friends, showcased in high-end hotels, and adding elegance to restaurants. To meet the demand for the growing popularity, we keep over 10 options in stock at all times.

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Where to use Antique Mirror Tiles in your home:

  • Kitchen backsplash: Customize your kitchen with an elegant backsplash with antique mirror. The Glass Shoppe A Division of Builders Glass of Bonita, Inc. installs in one solid piece, mirror tiles, or antique mirror squares.
  • Mirror wall: Consider antique mirror for the latest style for southwest Florida homes; Mirror walls. Open up the space with an antique mirror that really shines!
  • Furniture: Give old furniture a new look by adding pieces of antique mirror!
  • Cabinets: Say hello to new cabinets with a door fronts or inserts in glass doors.
  • Frames: Frame your space with antique mirrors of any size or shape. We can even install the antique mirror in the frame for you!

antique mirror
Take a look at some recent transformations! This backsplash was installed with a unique twist that we loved! To keep the movement in the kitchen going, we cut tiles in various sizes, putting them together for a fit that filled the space! We experimented with patterns and styles. Believe it or not, the backsplash pictured below used 8 different patterns. The client selected her favorite patterns and we arranged the patterns for one cohesive, creative look. The dark grout and thin lines also make the backsplash even more dramatic and easy to clean! Delve deeper into how this backsplash was installed here.

antique mirror