Is your existing glass table top a little too big, or maybe a little too small? The Glass Shoppe is now offering consignment glass table tops.   Please visit our showroom to see what sizes of consignment glass we currently have in stock!

Over the years we have delivered hundreds of new glass table tops to clients.  We often found that the client had a glass table top, but the size was wrong.  Clients often asked us if we would buy their old one.  We are happy to finally be offering consignment glass to our clients. In recent years demand for glass table tops has dramatically increased and with our new, large showroom, we have more space to display all of these beautiful glass table tops!

Here are a few guidelines to consider before consigning your glass table top-

consignment glass table tops

New 3/4″ glass table top

  • Shape- if you have a diameter that’s great! Diameters of all sizes are in high demand
  • Thickness- Due to demand, we only consign glass that is 1/2″ or 3/4″
  • Size- glass table tops under 60″ are preferred due to storage, large rectangle tops are hard to consign due to the size and the decreased demand we have seen for rectangles-42″ x 72″ , 48″ x 84″ 48″ x 96″
  • Scratches- look your piece over very good and check for scratches. If the glass is scratched, or has deep scratches, the value goes down considerably

Client story- We had a client recently that had purchased this beautiful base from Z Gallerie. The base was only available with a 1/2″ thick, 54″ diameter glass table top. It was a package deal so they had no choice in this size.  The client was looking for a much larger piece of glass, they needed a 66″ diameter. They also preferred a thicker piece than 1/2″. In this case we were able to deliver the thicker, 3/4″ glass, and give the client a credit for the 54″ piece that we bought from them. This was an easy swap because the 1/2″ glass was brand new and in the box! Here is a picture of the new glass we provided. The client was very pleased. They felt the 54″ would have looked much too small on this gorgeous base. With the 66″ size they are able to fit 6-8 chairs comfortably.