The Glass Shoppe, a division of Builders Glass of Bonita, Inc., is proud to announce one of the newest offerings for custom glass; Chiseled Edge Glass. This gorgeous design is an elegant addition to every home, even my own. Step into my home and see how Chiseled Edge Glass has transformed my living space.

Chiseled Edge Glass in Action

Recently, one of The Glass Shoppe’s glass suppliers told me that I had to jump onto the bandwagon. One of the newest options in glass edge work was sweeping across the nation. It’s certainly something that I’ve never seen before. With a thick piece of glass of 3/4″, the edge of the glass is made even more unique. Hand chiseled, the edge of the glass was a shiny, stunning work of art. I have always had a predilection for thick glass and this new chiseled edge made glass appear even thicker! Needless to say, I found a new style that I love.

Traditionally, Pencil polish or Ogee edges are used for glass products. They have a classic, sleek look that always looks professional, but sometimes we are looking for something fresh and unusual. Chiseled edges gave the glass the “Wow!” factor we were looking for. I loved it so much that I wanted it in my own home! After walking through my home and scanning each room meticulously, I finally found the perfect place to showcase this piece the way it deserved to be seen. My foyer now has a beautiful new piece, greeting my guests when they walk in  the door.

Chiseled Glass shelf

How to Use Glass in your Design

When I design a space, I envision various materials or elements that can be incorporated into the piece. Wood, textiles, metal, and, of course, glass each bring different styles and amenities to the proverbial table. For my foyer, I knew that I wanted a new element to play with. Wood is featured predominantly in my home, yet I felt that a wood table would be too heavy and limit the space. I found solace in this floating glass table. It makes the entry space brighter and opens up the space. I love coming home to this beautiful, functional greeting.

Glass is a blessing for small spaces, especially a floating shelf. Open up your space and create functionality in every area of your home.

Floating thick 3/4" glass for foyer

The glass pictured is 3/4″ thick and very heavy. Custom glass edges can be done on 1/2″ glass, as well as 3/4″. I chose a thicker piece of glass to give the illusion of stability. The chiseled edge creates more than a shelf, but a work of art.

I loved how much the shelf looked in my home that I installed a second shelf in our showroom. Since we installed it into our showroom, it’s had a high-demand among our clients. Below you can see how one client incorporated it into their modern design.

thick glass floating shelf with chiseled edgeSince the glass is so heavy, it’s installation must be done with pinpoint precision. Hitting a stud when installing a heavy piece of glass is a necessity for successful installation. Finding studs does limit where the supports are placed, as they are found every 16″ in the wall.

installing a floating shelf