I am very excited to virtually invite you into my own home for one of our newest offerings at The Glass Shoppe, Chiseled Edge Glass.  Recently one of my glass suppliers called on me to introduce a new option in glass edge work. . It was something I had never seen before.  The glass was a thick 3/4″ piece, and the edge work was truly unique. More than unique, the edge work was one of a kind. It was a chiseled edge and it was created all by hand.  The hand chiseling was polished with a shiny,  stunning brilliance. I love my glass thick, and that chiseled edge made it look even thicker! I was getting bored with even my favorite edges. Pencil polish or Ogee edges will always have a classic, sleek appeal, but sometimes we are ready for something new and different.  When I saw this hand chiseled edge, I fell in glass love.  I instantly knew I wanted to use this glass in my own home. I searched for the perfect spot to showcase it. I decided it deserved to be in the foyer, so it would be the first thing people would see when they entered my home. The foyer was the perfect spot. Each piece is custom made, so I could select a size that was just right.  What do you think? I know it makes me smile every time I walk in the door.

Chiseled Glass shelf

How to Use Glass in your Design-

When I am designing a space, I try to think about ways to incorporate various elements- wood, textiles, metal, and of course glass  I know bringing in various elements with different textures will add an effortless feel well designed spaces have. I have a small obsession with wood pieces that I transform with paint. I knew I had to  mix it up a little in the foyer.  And considering I am not in the painted furniture business…this unique piece of glass was the answer.  The floating installation, and the clarity of the glass, leaves the space feeling open, bright and airy. A large console table this wide would have felt too heavy and obtrusive. There is a reason we see so many designers use glass in their design. It works in every space! Incorporating glass into my cottage style house  adds an unexpected interest. Glass is a brilliant option when designing for a smaller space.

Floating thick 3/4" glass for foyer

The glass is 3/4″ thick and very heavy.  This custom glass edge can be done on 1/2″ glass also. The thickness of the 3/4″ allows the chiseled edge to become a work of art.  The illusion in person, is that the glass is even thicker than 3/4″.

We decided to showcase the chiseled glass in our showroom in Bonita Springs, Fl. It has been in high demand since it made it’s debut! Below you can see how one client incorporated it into their modern design. The glass was installed with clear acrylic supports that allows the glass to be the star of the show. The ‘floating’ installation keeps with the minimalistic design of the space.

thick glass floating shelf with chiseled edge

You might be wondering how such a heavy piece of glass is safely installed. It is absolutely necessary to hit a stud when installing such a heavy piece of glass. Finding studs does limit where the supports are placed. Studs are placed every 16″ in the wall which allows for multiple choices for support location. This client had the foresight to install a wood support horizontally, prior to his new home being drywalled. He preplanned what height he wanted the shelf installed. Installation was a breeze knowing wherever the supports were placed, we had a wood support.

installing a floating shelf