WIndoor Sliding Glass Doors hurricaneThe Glass Shoppe, a division of Builders Glass of Bonita, Inc., is dedicated to protecting southwest Florida with Hurricane Impact sliding glass doors. Our team does the replacement and installation ourselves, cutting cost and time, and can guarantee a quick turnaround time. We replace old or outdated doors in just a few days.

Our team is available to replace doors for large and small projects in Bonita Springs, Estero, Naples, and Fort Myers. We are a dealer for Hurricane Impact Resistant and Non-Impact sliding glass doors.

What’s the difference? 

The Glass Shoppe is delving into the nuances of each so you can make an informed decision for your home or condo.

Hurricane Impact Resistant Sliding Glass Doors

Hurricane Impact Doors are strong, impact resistant doors that can protect homes or condos from dangerous winds up to 180 mph. That includes hurricanes exceeding a Category 5!

So, how does it work? Laminated impact glass is nearly indestructible thanks to precise production and careful planning. Two pieces of glass are laminated with a impact resistant interlayer. This interlayer is the same glass that blocks up to 99% of damaging UV rays.

They protect your home or condo from more than hurricanes and harmful UV rays, they are also virtually indestructible to burglars. Sliding glass doors are one of the most common ways homes are broken into. Hurricane Impact Resistant sliding glass doors eliminates this entry point.

Protect your home and family with sliding glass doors that keep intruders and natural disasters out.

Non-Impact Sliding Glass Doors

Non-impact sliding glass doors are heavy, “beefed-up” laminated glass and frames that have only been tested for hurricane winds, not impact resistance. These are doors that, while strong, may pose risk if debris is flying during a storm. The glass used for Non-Impact sliding glass doors is a tempered, single pane of 1/4″ thickness. Doors can also be insulated by request.

Due to the risk of debris, the Florida Building Code mandates that non-impact doors be installed on houses with shutters or in condo’s above 60 feet. Debris is not found to fly above 60′, eliminating the risk of breaking. For more information on codes for Lee County, Collier County and the City of Naples feel free to call The Glass Shoppe at 239-947-1505.

Sliding Glass Doors You Can Trust

Replacement Sliding Glass Doors gives your home or condo a new look and feel. These sliding glass doors have an efficient turnaround time. In most cases, replacement sliding glass doors can be installed in a day! Our experienced team completes each job to the high standard we set! We remove old tracks and jambs with care, eliminating harm or damage to your stucco or drywall.

The Glass Shoppe carries the most trusted names in the glass manufacturer industry. Sliding glass doors are built and assembled in our warehouse, but sometimes we need a helping hand. Door choices depend on the quality your home needs, wind pressures and lead time. The Glass Shoppe is one of the oldest dealers for PGT Industries and Southeastern Door Company. We trust these manufacturers so much, we’ve installed them into our own homes! The Glass Shoppe also carries products from Plaza, Fleetwood Windows & Doors, and WinDoor.

Is your home already outfitted with hurricane shutters? Not a problem! Non-impact sliding glass doors replaces outdated doors with extra care and precaution.